Please enable JavaScript to access this page. EverQuest Next Beta Key Giveaway


Sign up today and get your key for the EverQuest Next Beta Key. When signing up, you will be redirected to get a beta key that will allow you to play the beta version of the game. 

Now your probably wondering how we have the keys to giveaway right? Well the answer is simple. We have so many registered users on our site that we are given keys so that our users can claim them for themselves, then the left over keys we offer to others who would like the chance to get into the action. 

Landmark is scheduled to launch this winter and EverQuest Next is still in the early stages of development with no announcement date set. We are asking beta testers to complete a short survey to get their key, this helps keep bots and players from getting multiple keys. Once you receive the download of the game and put your beta key in, you will be asked to read and accept a Beta Testing Agreement.